Further News report on the 2050 oil crisis.

Good evening, you are watching Channel Five news at 10 on Monday. The world oil crisis is worsening, world leaders are still pleading with nations with untapped oil reserves to ramp up production, even offering lucrative incentives however, world leaders are still being naysaid by countries such as Brazil, who are by far the most ardent in their denial of tapping into their oil supplies.  Brazils public relations minister has issued a further statement yesterday saying, The monetary gains being offered would not cover the damage to our fair countryside. This latest statement confirms sceptics concerns that countries such as Brazil are holding out for the best price, it seems now to be a matter of who has the deepest pockets, the answer may well be United Nations member nation Germany, who are by far the most financially stable country in the world. If world leaders can at least convince Brazil it tap into its oil supplies it would certainly take the strain from other oil producing nations who are working day and night to try and make a dent in the astronomical demand for petroleum.



                Moving onto domestic news, the three day working week is in danger of being decreased further or work around our nation to be temporally suspended out right. This disturbing rumour has been brought about due to the President banning every commercial transport company from purchasing fuel to run their businesses, if this were to occur workers around the country would be effectively stranded and public services would potentially stall or cease to be, as it is still illegal for commuters to purchase vehicles for their own vehicles. In response to this Public Sector Unions are planning mass walk outs to protest the governments moves as it would further damage their members ability to earn their already meagre wages. 


              Further domestic news; in the region of one million homes have been cut off from the national electricity grid for breaking the ban on using power on non-sanctioned, the President has further threatened to cut off an entire neighbourhood should only one household use power on a banned day. In response to these threats various human rights organisations are pleading with the President to throw out such a threat as it may well provoke lynching of householders who break the ban. Thousands of fuel stations around the country have been closed and there fuel supply have been transported to key hubs across our nation which act as strategic points that keep our nations essential services operation and ensures our nation can still function. Army reserves have been called into service to protect these key fuel silos from theft and gangland activities as would be criminals have begun attempting to steal fuel for sale on the black market.


             As shocking the domestic news is, the crisis in the Middle East is escalating at an exponential rate, Iran have ordered their meagre naval fleet into the Gulf of Oman in response to our nations 5th and 7th fleets arriving in the Gulf, it is reported only 10 miles separates the massive American fleets and the somewhat stunted Iranian fleet, not only is the Iranian fleet small it is comprised of mostly frigates and corvettes which are by no means a sizeable deterrent. The threat of the Iranian navy is not being taken seriously by our President, however the nuclear missile test which is the Iranian government has announced today will be planned to go ahead on Wednesday, it is also rumoured that after the missile test, Iran will deploy its five Russian made Kilo class submarines armed with two nuclear missiles a piece. Our President has announced that he will deem the nuclear test an aggressive action and will take a measured approach with an appropriate response. Iran has also sent troops into Iraq to link up with the Iraqi armed forces which are near to the Iraq Saudi Iranian border, merely miles away from the American 2nd Army group which is now well dug in, in defensive positions.



             More worrying news has come to light a few moments ago that Iraqi-Iranian axis ally, India have ordered a battle group comprised of several frigates, destroyers and submarines, headed up by the Aircraft carriers INS Viraat and Russian-built INS Vikramaditya to enter the Gulf of Oman and are expected to arrive in little under two days. With two American fleets and the Iranian fleet already in the Gulf and the Indian fleet arriving in a matter of days, will no doubt further the strain on the situation in the Middle East, while the crisis is increasing Saudi Arabia still refuse to ramp up oil production. For the moment all eyes are now on Iran and indeed if they go ahead with their threat of a nuclear missile test.


           You have been watching Channel Five news, dont have nightmares.

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