Further Proof Darwin was Onto Something.

This is just one of those news items that make me say, see? We protect the stupid too much. Yeay for Darwinism, at least we got rid of the crappy influence here. Type-copied from Sunday's Albuquerque Journal:

Train Kills Boy in Stroller, Mom

DERRY, Pa.--Police say a woman pushing a stroller across railroad tracks in western Pennsylvania was struck by a train and both she and her 2-year-old son died.

Sounds like a tragedy at this point, I admit. But it starts to look like a good thing in just a few seconds.

Authorities say the 37-year-old Derry mother and three of her children were returning from a shopping trip early Friday evening. They say she was struggling to push the stroller across the tracks when she and her toddler son were hit by a Norfolk Southern train at about 5 p.m. Still horrible. You wonder what went wrong. Then you find out. Her two young daughters managed to dart across the tracks and were not injured.

Aha! That's the ticket. She either A) told her kids let's hurry up we can beat the train (which the two survivors know is bunk) or B) raised her kids so shittily she got killed by a lazy 2-year-old while her older kids abandoned her. There are certain to be further developments, which may prove my theory wrong.  But I'm gonna play "Climate Change Scientist" and ignore those.

The crash happened less than 100 feet from where a 15-year-old was struck and killed by a train in July.

End of article.

That last line clinches it for me. The stretch is known to be dangerous, and she takes a STROLLER and has her two other kids run on ahead. God, I feel no sadness now.

You want to solve our emissions, our pollution of all sorts, reduce violence, etc.? LEt the stupid kill themselves off. They've been doing it in Europe for years--their smart car is what? twice as efficient as ours? Why? Because the American Corporate Government has deemed it necessary to promote larger herds of consumers to prop up an utterly indefensible economic structure that quite frankly SHOULD collapse for the good of the world.

Seriously, people, if we're going to ever survive, we need to stop clinging to our misguided ideals of total equality--some people (on a person by person, not race by race basis) don't have what it takes to survive in the world, and the more we perpetuate this the more we ALL suffer.

You want to know why I advocate revolution, Tomlet? Because this is the change we need, what I've said above, and nobody will listen when the corporations are the only voices heard. Seriously, you're a schoolteacher (or so the rumor goes). You don't see it, in the time since you started until now? The steady degradation of humans to the point where we're becoming something a little less than sentient? Please tell me you're kidding when you say it's all okay and the Democrats are different than the Republicans.

It's all one big clusterfuck, people. Figure it out before the train runs YOU down.

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