Fuzzy65533s Flash fiction entry!

The sandbox bully

Susie was a young girl that always played at the playground with her dolly, she named it Elisabeth

Susie and Elisabeth were inseparable, they would have tea parties, and play dress up, but

unbeknown to

Susie, this playground had a bully that would go around kicking sand in younger kids faces, picking fights

And even steal toys, Susie always kept to herself, would play for hours unbothered by the bully or any

Other kids till one day the bully decide to pick on little Susie, when Susie wasnt look he stole her dolly

And buried it in the sand, when Susie looked back Elisabeth was nowhere to be found he search all the

Day everywhere, the bully just laughed and laughed at the menacing deed he just committed, the day

Was over and little Susie be began to lose hope and sat in the sand box weeping, every day Susie  would Look all over for Elisabeth and every day would end up crying and sad, the bully would just laugh and

Laugh, till one day little Susie didnt search for Elisabeth, just sat in the sandbox and sad and alone, the

Bully didnt laugh this time, he began to feel bad of the deed he done, he dug up the doll, and gave it to

Susie, Susies eyed open wide and with great happiness hugged the bully; the bully said why are you

Hugging me I was the one that mad you sad, she smiled at the bully and told him at least you were nice

Enough to have given my dolly back. Susies word struck the bullys heart he ran over to Susie and asked

If she would be his friend since everyone hated him and didnt want to play with him for being a bully,

Susie said yes and invited him for roast beef dinner afterwards which Susies read to the bully the Book Of friends. The End! 

i know sounds like a shitty kiddies book but fuck it enjoy !!

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