Fuzzy's Flash Fiction entry !

Growing up on dairy farm was tough on a boy, you always had chores do to, even on the holidays you had to work hard to maintain the farm in top working order, after we fed the pigs and harvested the eggs in the chicken coop, I started putting up the Christmas lights and decorations, even placing hay stacks in the correct order served a ornamental value, it was the most joyous of times for a young farm kid, it was a rather large farm, but I was determine to get this place in a festive mood for the holidays, I started on one side of the barn house where the cows rested, each light place to make the others glow brighter, the cows just glanced at the light in awe as the lights flicker, after the cow barn was done I made my way to the silo, I had Pa hold the ladder as I painted a large Santa hat on the roof of the silo, as I made my way down I added the face and beard to make this giant Santa Claus Silo.



It was about time to get some grub; Ma fixed us some good old county eggs and bacon, with 2 biscuits covered in gravy, I asked Ma if I could have a plain biscuit with some honey, I liked to poke a hole in the middle of my biscuit using my thumb and fill it with honey, Ma even surprised me with a fresh glass of hand squeezed orange juice, it was the perfect meal to lift my sprite so I can work harder on the Christmas decorations, I rested for a bit to let the food settle, then I got my boots and gloves back on and made my way to the storage barn, I had a trick up my sleeve this Winter, Pa had been working on fixing the old wood wagon so I could use it as a piece of decoration for this festive holiday, I pushed the wagon into the field, I painted it red to make it looks more like Santas sled. I grabbed nine hay stacks and placed four stack in a line then another four stacks parallel to the others and placed the last one at the front of the pack, I ran into the barn where pa had his old deer antlers he had collected during his hunting trips, and added them to the stacks of hay, I tied all the hay stacks with some rope and jumped up on the wagon, shouting at the top of my lungs: on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Dunder, on Blixem, lead the way Rudolph !



After playing on the wagon, I ran inside to help Ma wrap some Christmas presents, Ma asked Pa if I could help her by setting up the Manger so we could put our savior baby Jesus in it and add some decorations around it. Finally everything was set the dairy farm was all decorated, all the chores, it was night time and it was Christmas eve, I couldnt wait to wake up in the morning to see what Santa would reward me for all the great deeds I have done !

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