Fuzzy's Inferno

-There is no greater sorrow then recalling happiness in times of misery - Dante 

The trails and tribulations I went through to be with Rin, reminds me of the old Danteâs Inferno tale. I have literally gone through hell to be with her.

It all started the Saturday of super bowl weekend. I was at a friendâs house drinking and socializing. I told rin I would be home and call her. On my way home I ran into a DUI check point on a main street to my home. I should have realized it was Super Bowl weekend. After a 15 minute wait I was given a breathalyzer test. In which I didnât pass. The police officer then proceeded to drag me out of my car and throw me into the back of a DUI van where I was handcuffed and taken to the county jail for booking and processing. After waiting for so long the handcuffs on my hands began to hurt so I decided to place them in front of me, which didnât settle well with the asshole officers they decided to tighten the handcuffs and throw me into a holding cell, as they place me in my cell they decided to fucking flip me face first into the ground while handcuffed. I spent 24 hours in a holding cell then got to move to general population.  I was released 4 days later. I was hoping I would be release earlier as I had already purchased my plane tickets to go see Rin.

After getting my car out of impound, I had to go to work the following day and explain everything to my boss which amazingly was very sympathetic and let me leave work early to pack my suitcase. While on my flight I had a lay over flight to reach Rin's place, a heavy snow storm tried to slow me down from arriving to my destination. I was stuck in a fucking town I knew nothing about. Rin didnât want me to rent a car so I ended up find a different means to getting to her. So I pulled all my resources and decided i was going to get there even if it fucking killed me. I took a train to Trenton; from there I had to take another train to NYC. I arrived in Manhattan to find out that the storm had completely closed out not only all the planes but trains and buses. I spent the night in Manhattan and had to take the train the next morning to my final destination.

Along the way I met a fucking preacher, a crack addict, half a dozen hipsters, a prostitute with a missing front tooth and so many asshole New Yorkers. But if you ask me if I would do it again I have to tell you yes because I love rin more then anything in this world I would go to the depth of hell and back to be with her.     

Uploaded 02/19/2013
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