Fuzzy's Money and McSkank's Ban

My fuzzball just caught his flight home after spending almost two weeks with me this Thanksgiving holiday. I can't say I'm not really happy with all the cool gifts he showers me with but then again, designer brands and new furniture ain't shit to someone who's got it made at only 25.

My job is pretty great and my degrees can take me far, so it always feels weird to have a guy insisting on buying me stuff and wanting to go shop at the mall so I can try on outfits, boots, and jewelry. Yeah, it'd be every woman's dream, but I'm not every gold-digging, head-up-the-ass slut that would take him for every cent he's got in every account here and abroad. I love my fuzzball very much and will count the days til he's back here for Christmas!

I know a lot of people have been wondering where I've been (thanks for the pms!), I've been told that even the toilet-cleaning skank with her kid's stolen Nintendo Dsi is trying to explain away her week ban with non-existent study time or of course, mentioning me, the object of her obsessions.

It's great to know I'm so popular and talked about considering I've posted one blog in the past week on rabbits. Considering my absence is due to spending a lot of money while she's been cleaning toilets and chasing a toddler around during a week ban, I'd be miserable too if I were her.

By the way? Her ban was probably due to my TOS report - pm me for details. You're welcome, everyone!

Hope I made your last week a little brighter, anyway! ^_^
Uploaded 12/02/2012
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