gabby_n dream 2

 I wake up to my cell phone ringing and it's gabby telling me that we are going skydiving today. I'm a little nervous but agree to do it anyway. I go to pick her up and notice some car has been following me as soon as I left my driveway and they also got on the plane with us to go skydiving. I thought it was just a coincedence and decided to try and have a good time. Gabby is in front of me in the line to jump and I notice something seems weird about her parachute, but before I can say anything she jumps out of the plane. I follow her right away in fear something is going to go wrong. I was right. She tries to pull her parachute out but it wont work, neither will the emergency shoot. As i'm falling I can hear her screaming and make my body like a bullet and shoot down to grab her. I get next to her and clip her harness to mine and pull my chute. Mine opens and we float gently to the ground. As we hit the ground a bullet goes past my head and ricochetes off the ground, I dive on gabby to protect her and get shot in the shoulder. I look up and see two thugs floating down with 9 millimeters in their hands. me and gabby start running towards the parking lot by the skydiving building and jump into a Mustang that just happens to be sitting in the parkign lot with the keys in the ignition, weird I know. As I peel out of the parking lot I hear tires screeching and turn around to see a black BMW peel out behind us and start following us. Gabby is freaing out in the passenger seat because i'm bleeding but I tell her im going to be okay and that we need to focus on losing these bitch ass thugs. I know they want gabbys perfect vagina but I refuse to let them have it and will protect her with my life. We drive down the interstate weaving in and out of traffic like Lebron James. I start driving towards my house because I know I got some glocks up in there. I screech ino my driveway and me and gabby run into the house. I grab the glock I keep under the table and put it on my waist and then go to my drawer and grab my other glock and load it and tell gabby to go upstairs and wait for me up there. She runs upstairs and locks the door and hides in the closet. I'm downstairs and can hear them trying to figure a way to get in, one of them busts down the front door and I start shooting. He behind the couch and i pull my kitchen table down to use as a sheild. We go back and forth shooting and I decide to run at him. He comes up from behind the couch and I dive and tackle him down to the ground, I headbutt him and his gun goes flying out of his hand, I pull mine out but he punches it out of my hand and we start to wrestle. He slams my head against the wood floor but I have so much adrenaline I dont even feel it, I grab a vase thats within reach and smash him over the head with it, it does enough to where he falls off me and I run and pick up my gun and pop a cap in his dome. Then I realize thats only one of them, where is the other one? Its at that moment I hear a scream. I sprint upstairs and run into the room where I heard the scream to see the other thug holding gabby with his arm and pointing his gun at her head with the other. He tells me to drop my gun and to get on the ground. I tell him to calm down and that as long as he doesnt hurt gabby I will do what he wants. Little does he know, I have another gun on my hip. So I put my arm all the way out and drop my gun. Before the gun even hits the ground I pull out my other glock and shoot him in his forehead. He stands for a second and then falls down bleeding on my brand new fucking carpet that I just installed in that room and gabby is  hyperventilating. I go over to her and hug her and fall into the corner, then I hear police sirens. I close my eyes and lean my head back.


The End.

Uploaded 12/04/2008
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