Gah wow guys im pretty happy!!!!!!!

this is just complete random story of how my night went last night playing pool.


ok so if anyone on this site plays billiards "pool" then this might be a good blog for you. Last night i went to a place called "Shooters" its located in Huntsville Alabama. on University drive "i think". It was my 1st time going there cuz well you gotta be 21 to get you guys know i just had my 18th b day 2 days ago :D :D :D :D :D :D finally legal wooooo. anywho the guy who runs/owns the business knows that i have my own business called Wilson Custom Cues. Founded by my uncle in like 03-04 i think. Not really sure i wasnt living in state at the time he started it. BUT newho he let me in cuz he knew i could make some business and maybe improve his reputation. Not that it needed it because Buddy Hall, Larry Neville, Johnny Archer, Ricky Peppers all of the good guys play there regularly when they are around. Ok so i come guy had 2 Predator K5's worth about 1000-1200 each.....AND i custom built case that was able to have a fucking hummer parked on it and the sticks unharmed......the case was amazing. the guy lost like 9 grand playing pool last night and got severly pissed off. he jumps up and gets mad and swears go god he'll break the two sticks and burn the case if no one buys them for $1000 cash on the spot. so fuck i knew it was a good deal......i snatched those bitches and he stormed im looking at my new material for the shop and thinking about resale value....seeing how a predator stick doesnt really lose its value i should be able to get atleats 1k out of each stick. not counting this amazing case that is just fucking indestructable.....water proof, and hummer proof lol air tight its w/e but fire proof. anywho a guy from Muscle Shoals Alabama comes into Shooters. Muscle Shoals is where i live so i knew they guy from being in pool rooms and stuff.. doing business blah blah yeah. he asks me what i want for the sticks and case. now this guy is a very good friend of mine so i give him the price of pretty much waht i paid for them. My uncle who was very interested in the case was trying to buy it and shit from me but the other guy wanted to buy the case and both sticks im kinda in a bad situation here....i can make all my money back and them some....or just sell the case and have two bad ass cues...."even though my custom built ones are MUCH better. Rated higher by pros then almost any other cue" so i sold them all together for 1200....made myself $200 in about hmmm 15 min. So my uncle gets mad cuz he wanted the case lol. anywho after that shit got over i started gambling some. a few sets of a race to 7 for $100. i won the 1st set and my night total was 300 profit. "200 from resale and 100 for winning for all you dumbasses" and i lost the next set....after that i quit and got some food. loned my uncle 200 for gambling and well after that i just sit around all night talking to the pro's and bullshitting. talking about improving our game and different skill breaks and my night in an awesome pool hall being 18 supposed to be 21 rocked......and for those of you who read and thanks???

Uploaded 08/18/2008
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