game reviews 2 plus a movie review

I have two game reviews for you guys today plus a hint at another game I only tried as well as a movie review.

Borderlands- awesome game I'd give it 4 out of 5.

Pro's- shit ton of weapons, you'll never find all of them. There's thousands upon thousands of different guns and weapons and armour you can get. You'll find yourself constantly looking at loot just to make sure it's not better.

Cool graphics, some comic book style lookin graphics, I loved it.

Sandbox style, lots of map to explore very rich environment.

Lots of add ons, theres quite a few add ons you can buy on xbox live, haven't tried those yet.

Con's- only two things I don't like about it

1.) lots of bugs in the game. At evey boss fight theres always a little "trick" place you can go to kill him where he can't fight back. Sure it's easy but it takes the fun out of it.

2.) mediocre story line. Almost a complete rip off of Fallout. Stories are a big deal to me.

one more thing, the online play sucks.

Dragon age Origins- decent game, id recomend it to people but I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

Really good story line, lots of game material, very deep. Only a big problem is it feels sloppy to me, maybe like the devolopers just threw it together, there's a lot of bugs and problems with it that you'd have to play to understand.

pro's- deep story line, tons of classes and race combinations to chose from, good combat system. awesome way to do team work. lots of add ons to purchase from microsoft.

con's- you can't solo this game, you have a party of 4 people and maybe thats a good thing for u, but i hate having to control a full team, id rather do the whole thing myself, much more fun. like i said before lots of bugs and wierd kinda sloppy feel to it.


I also had the chance to try out an older game "bully". Basically you play as a bully and its a sandbox almost perfectly identical to grand theft auto without guns and prostitutes.

as of now im workin on the game marvel alliance, seems pretty cool so far, ive been goin thru the whole thing with the fantastic four team. it'd be cool if you can have the original 4 xmen team. im trying to remember who it is. The archangel guy right, iceman, cyclops? and one more i can't remember it was some strong guy not wolverine, he didn't appear till later.

*Shitty movie alert*

if you watch the movie "ninja assassin" you will have convulsions and die from how shitty it is. that is all.

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