game reviews 3 plus a book review.

Game reviews number 3

I have two games on the xbox 360 I'd like to tell you about plus a "how to" book I just finished.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance- Still haven't finished this game yet. Very cool though. Although it is a very linear story line, thats okay with me.

Pro's- play as you're favorite marvel super heros.

Get bonuses from having a certain team such as the fantastic four.

Fight some crazy enemies that I've only seen like once or twice in comic books, pretty cool.

Challenging puzzles and fights, cool villians.

Lots of extras, solo missions that you unlock for each hero, some enemies.

Costume unlocks like old school wolverine  etc.


Con's- Some heros are pathetically underpowered. You pretty much need wolverine on your team to make it through some bosses.

wierd camera views but you get used to it.

hard to use the fly ability against other flying enemies because of the wierd angles of the camera view.

Some of the missions are annoying and boring.


I love it so far, I recommend it to anyone who's tired of mw2 and doesn't want to pay for xbox live for awhile. 3.5 out of 5.


Castle Crashers- okay at first look it seems like a childrens game. It's like spongebob, if you've ever watched that show you know it has a lot of adult situations, I wouldn't let my kid watch that lol. I really liked it though. Very innovative creative and funny. Plus it's a four player game, best played with you and your buddies.


Funny and creative side scroller button masher.

Cheap on xbox live game arcade.

Play with up to four people

Lots of unlockable characters and useful pets and weapons

A bonus unlocked hard core mode after you beat the game

The abilities are actually pretty well balanced, magic strength and i think it was health. You don't have to make one class to be the best, you're pretty well off chosing one.

Good story line I really enjoyed it. Me and 3 other friends played it and beat it in a couple days.

Hilarious ending, you gotta beat it to find out. I rofl.

Con's- really the only thing I had against it was that it was a short game, and it left me wanting to play more. Honestly I didn't feel motivated to play the hardcore mode.

Maybe it's just me but I really enjoyed this game, so did my buddies. you should give it a shot. Really cheap in the microsoft game arcade. 4 out of 5

Book Review

I don't know if any of you have ever had the strange desire to make your own beer. I did and started by buying this book. "The complete joy of home brewing 3rd edition by Charlie Papazian"

It literally covers every possible way to make beer, a beginners guide, how to improvise, what you need etc. It's a must have if you want to start brewing. I still havent made my first batch yet but I'm gettin there. Definitly need this book if you're interested in it.

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