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Okay, so maybe Imma nerd for doing this, but I felt kinduv upset that the only times Ive seen game reviews in the blog section had been faceless copy pastes. Id like to talk about my first console system since the sega genisis. The time between of which I had always been a computer gamer, but I thought since I was financially sound, Id try a newer system out. The xbox 360. I wanted to wait for the ps3 slim, but they never got it in stock where Im at so. Welcome or not, I think Ill be reviewing games here and there for people that may be interested in buying a game but havent decided or maybe just for a good read to change topics from politics ffs.

My review of COD 4 modern warfare 2

This game was fantabulous. Fucking sexy. The only downside I really had with it, was that the story was so short. I finished it in 2 days. Online play is really what people buy this for though. Definitely lives up to it. I know I piss off my team mates though, if you dont know like right off the bat what the fuck is going on, youre gunna drag your whole team down, and theyll hate you for it. Which is why free for all game mode makes it easier to level up. Once you level up, you get better weapons and can therefore be a better player. But really its about finding out what style of fighting you like, or what mood youre in. They have everything from grenade launchers to sniper rifles.


Online play never gets old

Doesnt take long at all to jump in a online game

Really good campaign story

Plenty of weapons, get better with each level


Campaign is short

Online play can be intimidating if you dont know whats going on

I give it 4/5

Uploaded 11/25/2009
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