That mother fucker playing toon Link is beating the shit out of me and everyone else. I mean normal Link is the man, i use him but only in dark mode becasue he looks even cooler. But jeez, that toon Link is ripping it up.

I wonder if the person on the other side knows how good he is doing, he is destroying us. I wonder i he is using it to phsyc (sp?)  us out. That mother fucker messing with my mind, sitting in the darkness and seclusion that is the deep unknow parts of the brain. We humans think we are in so much conrol of our selves and things around us. We hardly even know ourselves. 20% of the human DNA code is still uncodded or writted, depending on how you want to say it. Some say this is where the soul is mapped out. I saw that on a movie last night. But anyhow i think it is slightly scary how our minds can formulate crazy things like others thinking about us when they are completly oblivious.

Well anyhow that toon Link is gone.  And now there is only two real people left - me and this other guy playing Snake. So he will be refered to as Snake. So in this new match its me Snake and two computers. Both me and Snake place 3rd and 4th to the computers. This brings up a question to me - could this computer that beat two humans feel accomplished? I know the SSBB computers are not a complex A.I. system that is completly self aware and evolving and smart, but maybe somehow whether it is a " ghost in the machine" or something like that some where gives this lonely computer a small and forgitable sense of acomplishment.

Probably not but who knows? There are plenty of things we have no idea about in this world and the things we have created

Uploaded 06/22/2008
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