Garadain's Recipe Book part 3

Welcome back to another riveting installment of Garadain's Recipe Book!  For those of you that don't know the drill by now, it's simple.  I teach you how to prepare a frugal gourmet meal, and throughout the process you try to guess what it is we're making before the big reveal at the end.  So come, take my hand, and together we'll go on a journey of self realization in the mystical land of culinary conjuration where the only limit is what you can afford!


Today's dish is a tried and timeless classic.  We'll begin by gathering our software.  You'll need:


>Bread of some kind, like an actual loaf or if you just have buns or something that'll work too

>Cheese, preferably slices but like if all you have is some leftover bits of shredded we'll make do


Alright!  Next, let's gather our hardware.  You'll need:


>An oven with a range, or a hot plate or something that gets really fucking hot that you can cook on

Fantastic!  Let's begin!


First, what you're going to do is look in the fridge and discover you don't have any butter.  This is key to preparing today's dish; I can't stress how important this step is.  It's also important that you swear loudly and make the decision you're not fucking around with going to the store to get more; these are key steps to really bringing the whole dish together.  If you do have butter, it will sort of screw things up but hold on to it just in case; you'll see why at the end.


Alright.  We have our bread and we have our cheese.  But we don't have any butter, so we have to improvise.  Take your bread item, and lay the cheese on it.  If you're using shredded cheese, make sure you get a nice good even coverage.  If you're using a hot dog bun, lay it flat and put the cheese on the side where the hot dog would normally go.  Next, we're going to put the whole thing in the microwave.  If you don't have a microwave, your dish is done.  Skip the following paragraph and meet us at the one after it.


Set your microwave on it's highest setting, and set the timer for about a minute.  This should give the microwave plenty of time to melt the cheese and suck moisture out of your bread item until it's roughly the consistency of a damp sponge.  Actual cooking time may vary depending on how much cheese you put on, so keep an eye on it.  Usually I watch for the cheese to start bubbling, which is a good indicator I've left it in for too long.


Voila!  Have you guessed what today's dish is?  That's right: melted cheese on bread!  Or, if you're joining us from two paragraphs ago, an open faced cheese sandwich!  I know I mentioned happening upon some butter earlier, so here's the deal: if you find yourself WITH butter but WITHOUT cheese, you can always substitute butter for cheese, it just becomes melted butter on bread, or buttered bread if you don't have a microwave.  I typically like to serve this with a nice glass of cold water because I haven't been to the store yet.


That's it for now!  Stay tuned for the next orgasmic installment of Garadain's Recipe Book!

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