Gather around for a story here kids............

I have talked before about staring at your ceiling fan or counting the tiles on the ceiling and I have been doing a lot of this lately. If not for my faith I don't know what I would have done (lets not turn this into a drama queen moment) but as usual faith seems to get me through although I don't deserve it.


I knew this guy (wink wink) and they were drinking at a bar until closing and this is never a good ideal and the end of the night over came a gentleman walking over and telling this friend that he had waited all night to kill him because he was NOW with my friends wife and my friend was getting in the way. He says hell man she has screwed all his brothers and his father and if he was going to kill everybody this gal screwed then he would eventually run out of bullets. My friend noticed this guy looking at him all night but had no clue except that hair raising up on the back of his neck. He tells the guy to go to hell and walks to the parking lot and the guy went to his car and came towards him. Now why he didn't leave is because of two things 1) he was drunk and 2) he was tired of this shit, so here he comes over to the car and sure enough out comes the gun (38) and my friend stands up from his car and says "well pussy shoot if you are going to" it was so quick and its been played again and again under that ceiling fan and tiles but the gun comes up and BANG it burns the hair right off the left side of the head and then in one quick fluid motion the knife comes out and it went right into the guys shoulder where he screamed like a little girl. My friend picked up the gun and got into his car a drove away. He waited for over a week but no police came and it was a very long week. Two weeks later his ex-wife dropped the knife back off to him because she had seen that knife many times before (what a dumb ass to leave the knife in there) and told him nothing would be done and the boyfriend sent a message (I bit off more than I can chew).


Everything I have told you here is true and I wonder how my friends and I ever survived youth.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 02/26/2009
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