Gay Ladybirds

Due to the recent economic crisis many investors have chosen to buy stocks of gold as it is a rare metal that doesn't tend to devalue during periods of financial uncertainty. Gold is so 2010 though. Ladybird cultivation is the trendy new method for ensuring your wealth is secure in these times of hardship. There is just one little problem however... 51h4Oe6ovNL._SL500_AA300_.jpg 4500 Live Ladybugs -Fresh Lady Bugs - Guaranteed Live Delivery by Bug Sales ( 12 customer reviews ) | Price: $24.99 294 OUT OF 353 people found the following review helpful: Did not receive what I was expecting, March 8, 2010 By ClarkstonCracker (Clarkston, MI) - See all my reviews This review is from:4500 Live Ladybugs -Fresh Lady Bugs - Guaranteed Live Delivery (Outdoors) Order information: I was impressed with the quick delivery of my order. The ladybugs arrived in a vacuum sealed bag two days after I ordered them. They appeared healthy. I was in desperate need for 3800 live ladybugs, but the only supplier on amazon decided to sell them in boxes of 4500. I did not want to wait for my necessary quantity to go up for sale, so I was forced to order what was available. As soon as I received them, I wanted to verify I received what I paid for.
 I was upset after spending 13 hours counting them when I realized I had actually only received 4491 ladybugs. Seeing as I paid (...) per ladybug, I'm pretty upset about not receiving my complete order. Then again, I only need 3800. I quickly released the extra 691 ladybugs out my front door. Seeing as it's 14 degrees out, they didn't make it very far. Now on to my plan: I was laying in bed six weeks ago, and I was doing some math. Ladybugs reproduce at a rate of 180 per "couple" per month. This means that there is huge profit potential in the ladybug business. Let me explain this with some math. 3800 = 1900 Couples. This is what I wanted to start out with. 1900 couples x 180 babies output will net me 342,000 total ladybugs the first month. The next month I would have 171,000 couples which would yield 30,780,000 in 30 days.
 I'm sure you can see how many ladybugs I will have in a year. Basically I'll have a trillion, or something. I didn't get that far, I just knew I was going to be rich. And I say "was" because I found the downside of this so called "4500 ladybugs for (...)". They're all males, and they're gay. It took me 30 days to realize this because they never had any babies. 
I missed all the signs, including the loose stool, and the bow legged walks they were exhibiting. I'll rate these a four. Quick shipping, and I guess I received what I ordered. I just wish they would have stated more details on the product.
If only the ladybirds the reviewer mentions were more like Larry the Ladybird in the video below:
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