Gay Marriage

Ello fellow ebaumians. I have yet another religious topic I'd like to discuss. Gay marriage. I know I'm going to get reamed(yes that was an intentional word) for posting this one due to the negative connotation of gay people on the site that I like to call "Hell with a cyberlink" but that doesn't matter to me.

     The Catholic Church says that Homosexual activity in all cases is wrong and of the same caliber sin as sex before marriage, which is a mortal sin. If you don't know what that is it is a sin that, unless confessed to(in reconciliation) will damn you to hell. Interesting side note, not going to church on a sunday is also a mortal sin.

     This made me laugh. Very hard. Due to the fact that they also say that being homosexually inclined is ok, because people are born gay.Yes acting out on those impulses and natural urges are sinful. Technically being homosexual is a mental disability. I'm not callin it that, but it can be classified as such because it is a chemical inbalance in the brain. I have no problem with gay people whatsoever, some of my best friends are gay and it doesn't change anything...except for the lisp...that gets annoying sometimes. Anyways what made me laugh about that statement is the fact that if you are supposedly made in god's likeness and he made you the way he wanted you to could it be wrong to be gay?  How could it be some evil thing to be who you are? Essentially, you are lying to yourself and everyone else when you say "I'm not gay", if you are. Now what's lying boys and girls? That's right! It's a sin! Very good!

   They say because it is not open to life. I have two arguments for this. My first is thus: In a purely animalistic standpoint, our population is destroying the world. In the past hundred years we have done more damage in hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Should we not cut down our population a bit? my second is this: what about gay people who adopt? is that not open to life? that's damn near the same thing aside from the guy having to pop a kid out of his ass.


thegodlyone as spoken and no...this is not me coming out of the closet, ill save that one for next week



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