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So this is what it's come to:

the new site sucks (in its infancy stage); the old site isn't what it used to be. So where does that leave us?


In blogger's limbo, I guess. I know everyone (me included) was pissed and will/did jump ship once the waters are a little less choppy....both here and there. I see familiar faces posting, so I know its not just me that shares this sentiment. (Or sediment, in the case of the recent features and blogs.)


Patience is a virtue, but my virtue is almost all used up.


So....I'll carry on as-is and wait to see what happens. I don't care who runs the site....Eric Bauman did shit in the past I didn't quite like either....but the way it was handled makes me not want to be a part of someone else's fortunes. I have a pretty decent sense of integrity, and the way shit was handled was not done so with a shred of it. Corporate America is cut-throat, that's a given, but to fuck so many people is not really cool in my books. But that's just my opinion.....maybe you agree, maybe not.


The facts are clear: the way this was handled made me waaaaaay less loyal to ; the new .tv site is nothing but a glorified one-up game of who can post the cruelest or crudest comment. I hoped it wouldn't end up that way, what with everyone leaving here for a just and united cause, but that's the nature of the internet beast. I'll devote my loyality to the fellow bloggers, not to one particular site. I side with my eFriends, not some douchebag corporation with more money to piss away on PR than I'll make in a lifetime. Neither site has my respect yet....its just a matter of who pisses me off less in the weeks to come. I don't wanna be one of those people who play both sides, so I'll make up my mind once the new stomping ground is established, as I suspect many of you will do as well.


One this is clear: either way we've lost some truly decent bloggers to the corporate machine that is big business. (Remember when angie111 was our biggest complaint?? Memories....)


Cheers to all my old pals reading this; I hope you guys have been keeping busy!


-The Big Bad

Uploaded 02/04/2009
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