Get A Grip!


Well my "friend" ran away twice in the past two months. The first time she ran away was a few weeks ago and the reason for this was her mom made her clean too much and watch her sister! The second time she left was a few day's ago because her mom said ewww when she wanted to have a "sleep over" with her girl friend. Now today my sister's telling me that she's leaving to her dad's in British Columbia. Like really GET A GRIP why would you run away because of somthing like that. To me thoes two reasons are bullshit! I watch my sister AND brother every single day and I clean every single day! I have more work to do then her, she has one sibiling and a very, very small apartment, and I have a two story condo with five people living in it and I have never ran away! Well from my point of view our parents have the right to make us clean, they pay for everything, they go to work ect. I feel like cleaning and babysitting is earing our stay in out house. Well the second reason she ran away was just pure stupid. If I was a parent and my kid was bi-sexual or gay ect I would probably feel the same way about my kids having a "sleep over" with their girl/boy friends.. To me this whole thing is just stupid.

Well thanks for reading

Uploaded 08/10/2008
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