Get it Together Black America!

Before you get uptight, I am black also. However, I am not going to discuss slavery because my ancestors were probably sold by an African leader. In my opinion, that needs to be discussed at schools more than "Massa & Kunta" at the plantation. I remember growing up in a mainly black neighborhood not a handful of whites and asians. Yes, its hard to believe to some but.... there were fights but the 10 years I have lived there, nobody ever got murdered. I also went to an mainly all black school. My teacher asked us what we all wanted to be. Quite typical for an child wanted to be an doctor, lawyer, firefighter etc. I wanted to be an video game developer, which i did and have my degree at Michigan State University in 2009. I also kept an yearbook every year since i went to kindergarten thanks to my mother, she had the idea to keep them so I can remember the people I went to school with. Things changed...... I moved to the and lost  touch with a few friends. When I revisit my old neighborhood, the people I knew gave up being the future doctors, lawyers etc. Now I'm hearing about someone being dead, pregnant or in jail. I shake my head in shame because I always believed them. I still go to my old neighborhood but only 4 people I remember are still around, now there are mostly Somalis & Latinos. I dug up my yearbook from K through 6th grade and most of the people that were on the yearbook were not found. I wished I knew if they are still around to know if they are okay. Through my 23 years of existence, I have seen black america take a turn for the worse. Not because America voted for an bi-racial president (I dont vote) which a lot of people thought he was going to change the "black image" which i didnt believe from the beginning, but the black children are ruthless! I'm seeing them turn into killers and having kids before they even turn 18. Highschool dropout rates are at an all time high, Am I missing something here? Why are we taking steps back when its supposed to be foward? I find it sad and depressing because decades ago, our elders were being beaten and lynched for no reason by whites.Today we turn on each other because we look at each other the wrong way he say she say bullshit. Where I live in Ohio, I'm seeing more Somalis, Latino & other African born descent moving in my town not causing any trouble and I question myself, How come they move to america civilized escaping the civil war while american blacks act like barbarians when there is no conflict & opportunity is all around you?

Uploaded 04/05/2011
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