Get your hate on

I love this site for many reasons. The blogs are my new guilty pleasure (after excessive smoking, drinking and masturbation, of course), the quality of funny videos has been improving lately (I'm sure that'll all change in a week or so) and the interaction with total strangers has been pleasant, to say the least.


But, that being said, I do get another sick little pleasure from this site that has nothing to do with the "mature" section...mostly. That sick little pleasure is the calling out of assholes and total dinks who leave dumb fuck comments about racism, bad parenting or slurs against Liverpool FC. (Not as important, but equally as annoying to me.) It boggles my mind the amount of people who will write about fightin' and brawlin' and think it is cool. Some infront of their kids, no less! (I assure you, if you think for any reason I'm talking about you, chances are you are one of the assholes I'm ranting about.)


Fun is fun, but racist comments piss me off. People who brag about being a bad parent piss me off. Manchester United pisses me off. The "big talking" threat layers pisses me off. I don't know about you, but I've been noticing it more and more frequently this past month or so. Maybe I'm no better for seeking out these people to give a verbal smack to, who knows? Perception is what it is; I can't change your minds. It's just something I've noticed this past little bit.


I love it when people leave funny replies to comments. Many of you have burned me a good one when I've been less than careful with what I've written. I take it in stride. Some don't, but most do. I just hate seeing a dumbass post of someone putting a racial slur on the comments section without having any real justification for doing so. All flash, no substance. These are the cockbags I like to take a piss out of. Its a guilty little pleasure of mine.


As I said before, this doesn't make me any better (or any worse) than those who do the crap I've whined about. It's just the catalyst to confrontation I sometimes intentionally seek out. We're all guilty of having a feud with some douche or another, but sometimes I intentionally seek those assholes out and tell 'em why they suck as people. Maybe its wrong....but it feels soooo right.


Thanks for reading.

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 11/27/2008
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