Getting Better

So, the other day a report came out saying that the economy is starting to level off and maybe even be getting better. That's great. But, one thing ruined this news for me, the President. The day after that report came out, Obama got on his high horse and started talking about how you could "directly attribute that good news to the economic stimulus package." Bull shit.

The economy is getting better because people are spending more. Retail sales are up for the second straight month. Home prices are now rising, once again, great news. Now my point is, wasn't one of the main points of the stimulus about infrastructure? I have not seen any improvment in any infrastructe yet. All I've seen is a road sign saying that a future project is being funded by the stimulus bill.

The stimulus bill did not make people spend more money and drive their confidence up. The stimulus bill did not make the prices of homes and home sales go up. Please people, don't buy into his lies. He is just trying to make himself look good.


Uploaded 08/04/2009
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