Getting the girl . My advice again.

  Allright I am actualy good with women and actualy helped hundreds of people get women. That I know of.  I have written twice before Advice on how to snag a hoe.  I will paste them now and get some more advice.


allright reread if you need to. Also Tell me what you think of my other blogs.

Here is some more advice on asking her out.

5. Do not use alchohol to get her to sleep with you. Use it to get her and her frind to sleep with you at the same time.  I knew a cop that said he could not rape two women at once no matter how hard he tried.

4.Women like men with great sences of humor. I suggest you tell a sexxy joke. something like "Wanna see my penis?". If she says yes whip it out and ask her to brush her teeth with it. If not it was just a sexxy joke.

3. The best place to ask her out is when she is stuffed into your trunk while she is bound in duct tape and gagged. Any mumble sounds like a yes to me and I doubt they would sound different to you.

2.Women like to say yes to sex but society has made them feel slutty for putting out to a stranger. Be sure to introduce yourself before asking for sex. Yea that is good advice..

1. Again I suggest you use a Christoper Walken impersonation the whole relationship you have with this women .Even if you end up marrying this women never drop it.She WILL LEAVE YOU....


Ok I hope my last 2 blogs help you guys. I was in a rush but the time it took to write the other two compensates trust me. Even without spell checking them it took a while so Good luck bloggos.


Night bitches hope this helps the person who asked me for advice.



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