Gig Problem

So my band has it's first gig November 29th. We are playing with a ridiculously popular band in the area as well as my friends band. The turnout is going to be epic. I've already sold damn near forty tickets to friends (for the place we're playing at that is a decent amount for one band to sell). Seeing as how the band Lest We Forget as just released their first album, they will most likely be selling around 150-200 tickets.


      This all sounds well and good now doesn't it? Incorrect ladies and Gents. False, wrong, nein, nill, nilch, zilch and whatever negative connotations from any other languages you can muster. The sad fact is that we are vastly unprepared. We have one song down perfectly. Just one. And we need forty five minutes worth of play time.....fuck. Fuck fuck double fuck. So the only thing I can think of is thus: OK....ok we need forty five minutes of play time, say that's seven or eight songs. I know! Covers! straight covers! shit that won't be very original now will it? OK..ok ok we can write some songs down and also do covers. Damn it who can make good songs in three weeks? Maybe God, but that's about it.


For the love of God(or thegodlyone) help.


thegodlyone has spoken and is not sure how to pull this shindig together.



Uploaded 11/05/2008
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