Girl strangles boyfriend with wireless XBOX360 controller

they will say it standing there. "Oh she seemed like such a nice girl."


OK So i bought the Xbox 360 for Xmas. got a great deal on it and my boyfriend knows how to mod it. Yes my friends I have yet to pay for a game and I already have 25 of them.

Also, many of you know that I have been playing Dead Space for the PC. Well I stopped because i knew what Santa would leave under the tree, and did not want to progress further knowing I was going to be able to continue on Xbox.

I used to play games on PS2 and super nintendo and dabbled a little with other people xbox's so pretty much to say I havent really sat down played in ions.

PC is where I was for awhile. Diablo and WoW. THe Sims, Every version of Sim cities. then spore ( but that even lost its novelty after 4 days.) I couldn't do like the old days playing final fantasy the second I got out of school till I went to bed if i did ever go to bed. I was always exploring every nook and cranny until my inventory was bloated from potions and my game clock was pushing 40hours..


My boyfriend is currently playing Halo 3. I want to kill him.

I want my crack. I NEED to play Dead Space.

We have been arguing over XBOX time. ya see I get home from work At 1230 or 1pm have a few hour lay over till I work my second job for the rest of the evening. in between both jobs is my only chance i can play. thats prime XBOX time unless some else wants to use the TV. I live with his mom (fucking economy.) so there goes the TV for the evening so she can watch PBS. (thank god I have a second job). When I get home i cant play becase yup she has the TV, and of course cant use another TV because we do not have the adpater as of yet and the others for some odd reason are not allowing the hook up.

So therefore the only time I can play is the same time he can play.

If I slit his throat in his sleep and blame it on the evils of XBOX will I get off?

Should i just slip him a mickey and let him sleep while i play

no no Ill kidnap him that way I can get some cash out of the deal...

is it 3pm yet? thats apparently my time we made a deal..... but I want to play now!!! fuck Im done blabbering.

Im taking him out Halo style

~Classic's nonsense


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