Girlfriend 3

Had a first real date with girlfriend #3 today.  We went out for a late lunch, had a burger, a couple beers, and got to know each other for a couple hours.




She's probably the least attractive of the three women I've gotten together with lately, but that's not really a liability.  They're all pretty damned attractive.  She's not a "professional" drinker.  We hung out for hours and she didn't even finish her second beer.  She also didn't light up a cigarette the whole time we were there, so she's not a heavy smoker.


She works at a hospital in human resources.  I purposefully didn't ask which hospital in case it's the same one that troll-wife works at.  You KNOW she'd go down and check her out.  It's not like I'm hiding anything, but troll-wife is fucking toxic.  Plus, I'm kind of embarrassed that I used to be in love with somebody who has turned into a vain, self centered turd.


I kept troll-wife out of our conversation quite well.  We talked about our kids, our jobs, or families, and various other benign topics. 


She was really cool.  She was interesting.  She didn't tell boring stories.  She's got three boys, the second two fraternal twins.  She's got a great body.  She's 5'8" and has curves where women should have curves.


We met at Town Square in South Vegas.  It's a giant shopping/dining/entertainment mega-complex/outdoor mall with everything and the kitchen sink:




She parked in the garage, so I walked her to her car and got a hug and a kiss.  Nothing heavy.


I had no idea two months ago that my biggest dating problem would be too many cool, attractive women interested in me.  Be aware, I'm not complaining.  It's just weird.  This is a good town to be single in. 


I spent a good night with the kids afterwards.  I grilled tilapia with the kids and watched the Disney Frog Princess movie.  It wasn't as bad as that fucking penguin film with Jim Carrey in it:




Right now, life is good.  My disc golf game is really bouncing back.  I've got my backhand drive up to 330-350' and my putting is starting to get consistancy again.  I've been working out a lot (at least every other day) and running 3.5-4.5 miles five or six days a week.  I look good without a shirt again.  I'm back up to 200 pounds and a lot of my mass has migrated from my waist to my chest, arms, and shoulders.  I've gone from a snug 38" waist to a loose 34" waist.  I've fully recovered from my surgery, liver failure, and depression and have regained my penis superpowers.  I'm getting a lot of attention and positive feedback from attractive women.  Troll-wife has pretty much fucked off.  We don't really see her anymore.


The best thing is my kids are starting to do better.  I'm closer to them now then I've ever been.  My son rarely ever comes into my bedroom at night crying.  My daughter has gotten her insomnia under control and has regained a lot of her casual sarcasm (rather than dark nihilism) and has mostly returned to her playful self, but she still hates her mother.  I'm working on that.  The kids and I met troll-wife at an upscale Ramen restaurant last week for some bad-ass noodles:





While we were there, my daughter called her mother "Doucebagette" right to her face.  While troll-wife sat there like she was hypnotized (which is how she typically deals with discipline of the children) I told my daughter that it was not appropriate to use pejorative language to one of her parents.  She apologized to me, but not her mother.  When troll-wife left to use the restroom, I told her douchebagette sounded like a hygiene product made out of bread.  She laughed.


I've got plans to meet girlfriend #2 (the sweet one) Tuesday after she gets off work.  She's working as a speech therapist when she's off over the summer.  Right now, she's the one I'm kind of rooting for.  We've got the most in common.  She's super physically fit.  But she's got some ex-spouse drama in her life still.  I'm realize I'm a hypocrite for even bringing that up though.  Her addict, abusive ex-husband has been unemployed and has been living in a motel for 18 months.  He's practically homeless.  That's fucked up.  He's trying to engage with their two kids too.  I haven't asked, but I'm pretty sure it's meth he had a problem with.  I'm a lot more physically imposing than he, even if he has meth-head strength.  I could pick him up and shake him like a terrier with a rag (in the unlikely event it came to that), but I'm not bullet-proof.  Right now, that's the only liability I can see with her.   


I'll keep you guys posted with the dating updates.
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