Girlfriend is moving in with me

After my separation, during my divorce, and now that I'm single, I've dated several women.  It's mostly gone pretty well.  I've been dating the same girl for about a year now.  It's going really well.  She's really cool, we have a lot of the same interests, and she's really good in bed.  What's even better is she gets along really well with my kids.  I've got primary custody of my daughter and share joint custody of my son (because that's what he asked for) so they're around a lot.  

She lived in a nice one bedroom condo.  She is divorced and has twin sons that live in Ohio with their father.  One of them moved back to Vegas as the situation with his asshole father has deteriorated and he just graduated from high school.

In anticipation of his arrival, she arranged to move into a two bedroom, two bathroom condo in the same complex.  Instead, I invited her to move in with me.  I have a five bedroom, four bathroom, 3,500 sq. foot house that I can't afford the mortgage on with one income.  I'm currently trying in vain to short sell it.  Instead, I'm getting my mortgage adjusted and keeping it.  I'll be able to keep my home and she'll be able to live in a better place for about the same money as her small condo.  My fifth bedroom is a "mother-in-law" room with its own bathroom and outside access.  It's kind of like an apartment.  The other four bedrooms are on the second floor.  Her son will have a lot of privacy.

Since the divorce this place has been more of a house than a home.  It'll be nice to make it into a home for myself again.  The X took most of the decorations and furniture.  I kept the appliances and electronics.  My girlfriend has a lot of nice artwork and collects swords and daggers that she had mounted on the walls of her condo.  My daughter thinks the swords are really cool, "How come I'm not collecting swords?"  I had her katana, a real folded steel, full tang razor sharp sword, out to show my son. 
"You think I could cut the dog in half with this?"  Holding it two handed over my head.

"I don't think you should."

"Why not?  She wants me to."  Dog running up, wagging her tail at me.

We're going to put up her art and swords and I got a mounting for my Henry rifle.


Her stuff will restore my house to fully furnished again too.

I'm really in love with her and looking forward to having her in the house with me.  It'll either take us to the next level, or let us know it isn't meant to be.  I like our chances.

My son really likes her son.  He was so far up his ass that he could be tasted.  They played the shit out of our PS3 together.  I get along with him too.  His hobby is spinning "fire poi."  He's half Hawaiian and picked up this traditional fire dance deal that's popular at raves now.  He's really good at it.  I'm thinking about whoring him out on Freemont street to get cash off of the tourists.  This video isn't him, but he's at least as proficient as the guy in the hoodie.  

I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life.   
Uploaded 07/20/2012
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