Girls Are Not Objects

Guys, girls are NOT objects. They are NOT something that you can just message and expect cam to cam and all that snaz. Seriously, this is why guys have a bad name, for generations guys have always thought women were objects, to cook, clean, and to call upon when you want to get laid. There are people here today that still think that they are! They are equal if not worth more the humanity to men. Back to the whole guys treating women like sex objects. Really your not cool when you ask girls to cam to cam, ha its just showing your desperate. Girls don't like it, get the clue.

Have you ever heard of the saying "He sleeps around, hes a player. She sleeps around shes a whore"? Sexism is a BIG reason on why girls get treated horribly. Why do we even have sexism. Its obvious Women and Men are on equal playing ground. The biggest example is, with out girls the human race wouldn't live on. Now one would give the argument that you need guys to prolong the human race, thats true. but women endure SO much more then men. They go through nine months worth of horrid pain, cravings and god knows what else. While the guys just have to sit there and watch/help them. Hell half the teenage male population runs away from their girlfriend if they get pregnant, and deny its theirs. Really, if you and your girlfriend decide to have sex you both need to actually commit to what might happen. Unfortunately most male teenagers will dump their girlfriend if they don't see any action within like 2 weeks so there is A LOT of pressure on the girl if she wants to keep her boyfriend.

Just its REALLY sad on how the female population gets treated. From the rape, woman abuse, being classified to many guys as sexual symbols. Its just, horrid. Females and Males are alike. They are both needed to survive and they should both be respected equally.

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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