give eating people a chance

It always confused me when people wouldn't eat certain things for some self rightous nonsense or because it's gross. to me food is food and I love meat of all kinds. I need protein in my diet and so does everyone else. I've never seen a healthy vegetarian or vegan before. I keep hearing it's healthy but that has to be bullshit.

Now don't get me wrong I'm in favor of animal rights. I don't think it's okay to harm any sentient being unless you're going to eat it or you were defending yourself, and it's only okay to eat them until you're not hungry anymore. Americans seem to have this inability to be just alittle hungry, but eating enough to keep you alive and functional is adequate. I do think it's horifying how they treat the animals processed into food and how they rip out the nutritional value and fill it with trans fats so you have to eat more of it, and it makes for more fat people, but I know my refusal to eat it won't do a damn thing to stop them, and nothing else will either short of something cataclysmic.

I've never been one to shy away from types of meat because they're creepy either as I said. I think it's weird enough when people look at me funny for eating kalamari, because I've eaten crickets before. I had a friend explain how to prepare them who had done it before and I preparedmy own. I think here in the states we're the only culture that doesn't consume any insects of any kind, but I hear that might change. I even saw a homless man eating a pidgeon once and I had him tell me which part you can eat. I haven't gotten to eating one yet, but maybe someday if i'm without options. it's good to be prepared.

to get to the point of my whole rant, I think it should be taken one step farther. I've never understood why people feel like itisn't okay to eat other humans. I'm not talking about murdering and eating them, I mean just eating the freshly dead ones. I know humans rot very quickly and we'd have to hurry with it, but it's a decent source of meat. when I really think about it, I realize that having a new source of food would only be conducive to a higher population and there's already a population problem. If it ever got desperate enough, people mightstart murdring and eating each other. I'm not in favor of that, I'm just curious why it's taboo to eat human. I don't see much of anything wrong with it. What we do with dead people now is silly enough. just sticking them in one part of town in a box. a box that costs as much as a car i might add. I don't want anyone doing this nonsense with me. they can throw me in the river for all I care. what would it matter to me i'd be fucking dead.

I'd really just like to understand what's wrong with eating people? Can somone tell me?

Uploaded 07/01/2008
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