Give Me a Helping Hand

I'm new to this blogging stuff. So I need some guidance to avoid getting in trouble and stuff. I made some buds already, so that was good. Learned how to meebo with MrsNekojeans and SpaceEagle. I guess MrsNekojeans is like some kind of important person here. Scared the crap out of me I'll tell you. First she told me my first name, which was odd. Does she have access to my registration? Does she work here? She said she was a lawyer and a psychologist, which is pretty amazing. She mentioned I was like Letemdangle or Rednote, well that's what I thought but SpaceEagle said, she meant we were the same people called alts. So now I know about alts and the things you can do with them.

MrsNeko then asked where I lived, she even guessed it. She wanted to know my IP. I thought it was internet provider so I said, Rogers Cable. She got mad I think and asked for my address, my IP address? I don't know where Rogers Cable is. SpaceEagle explained that I shouldn't give her my address of any kind. Thanks SpaceEagle.

This where things get really weird, she said my daddy hurts her, all scarey like. I thought maybe she was a internet pervert. Like she wants my Daddy to spank her? I don't know. It can't be my Dad cause he is in Resolute up in the Canadian Arctic.

So SpaceEagle told me she might be trolling me, just learned about that too, and not to worry about it. He explained if I was really nice to Neko, she would be nice to me. I don't want trouble, just want to share cat stories and stuff, so like yea, I'm not going to start a fight or something.

If anyone else can clue me in about this place, I'd really appreciate it. Oh yeah, did you know you can make money here and get prizes. The prizes are a bit strange though, but to each his own.
Uploaded 08/30/2011
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