Give Them What They Want

That crazy Rednote posting his preferred music here, thinking the troglodytes of eBaumsworld could appreciate the complicated rhythms and techniques of jazz and blues combined. Geez Rednote, next time you have a date with an orangutang, why not take her to the finest, ritziest restaurant in town, Clint Eastwood style.
There are predominately three personality types here at ebaums, to get them a grooving, you must target your market or audience. The first major group are the Gay crowd. To get their peacocks all a flutter try this music video.

Did you see those pretty pink blossoms? They sound like Men At Work on Japanese crack.

Next we have the pacifist  who live in some sort of  fantasy land, thinking if we all smile and dress nice, everyone will fall in love, lovingly commit suicide to save Ghia and get  free tender vittles for their cats. They would identify with this classic piece.

Of course, the most pervasive group, and outright perverted one, is the large cluster of pedophiles who haunt the tubes. They would clique with this lovely video featuring tarted up prepubescent girls prancing about for their titillation. 


Now you know the secret to popular music marketing and presentation here in eBaum's World.
Uploaded 08/25/2011
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