Global Dimming

Global warming is not our most pressing problem.  It is Global Dimming.  People are on average getting dumber.  When everything is geared to appeal to the lowest common denominator how can we expect exceptional things to be valued and persued?  There is a Russian proverb that states that:  The Good is the enemy of the Best.  Everywhere you look you can see the "Good Enough" attitude creeping in and destroying the Best.

This phenomenon can be explained by a Law of Nature I believe is at work here.

  Simply stated:  The Sum Total of Human Intelligence is a Constant Number

This means that the more of us there are, the thinner our intelligence gets spread, and the average level of individual intelligence drops.  As evidence for this theory, I present the great deeds and accomplishments of our ancestors that we are now incapable of repeating.  The Pyramids, Stonehenge, the  hidden cities and temples scattered throughout the Americas,  feats so incredible that a large number of people today actually believe that our ancestors MUST have had help from extraterrestrials  in order to accomplish them.   We've  abdicated most of our thinking over to machines,  and rule our  nations  not by the best ideas, but by popularity contests.   Stupid people used to eliminate themselves  from the gene pool,  but now we enact laws to protect them.  Stupid, lazy people being more likely to vote the way you tell them to and less likely to ask questions about broken promises.  But the powers that be are themselves not immune from the Brain Drain effect.  Our leaders are ever more petty and venal.  Every year we are forced to settle on the lesser of two evils as opposed to selecting the best candidate for the job. 

The dumber we get the faster our inevitable destruction approaches.  What can we do?

Sit back, wait for the smoke to clear, and rebuild.

Uploaded 05/11/2008
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