Global Man Made Climate Change.

Sorry to create yet another blog about climate change. Unfortunately, some knuckle dragging believers in man made global climate change, (formerly, global warming and  before that global cooling) just refuse to accept what is really happening. These people are well intentioned, usually belong to some groups of people with a vested interest or old weathered hippies, who have their heads up their ass. They will without hesitation say that CO2 is going to destroy the planet as they hypocritically light up a CO2 releasing narcotic.

It is said, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The global climate change hoax is probably one of the greatest examples of this followed by mans use of religion and human spirituality to cause damage to people and robbing of their resources. I too am a spiritual sort, but not a religious one. To me they are completely separate. 

As such science and politics should also remain separate, as church and state. Politics is now supported by peoples beliefs in one party being more correct or more relevant than another party. It use to be, that science would look to the church for financial support, and when that science did not meet the agenda of the church, so too would the scientist be dismissed from any credibility.

Today science, with the destruction of faith based institutions now rely on politics to fund their projects. When those projects present a political advantage they are supported, when they reveal the true nature of the relation between politics and science, they are ridiculed or dismissed as idiots.

Today those who are in support of man made global warming receive money and those who would develop research that dismiss it are treated as heretics as were those scientist of the past that held beliefs not supported by the church.

It is ironic to me that those who are the greatest deniers of God are now the greatest supporters of ecological movements. The fool has not been removed from the historical landscape, only the religion has been changed and that religion is now Green!

The documentary I have embedded here is well made, has important information and includes the opinions and observations of many top scientist, professors and climatologists around the world. Many of the contributors are former IPCC researchers who resigned because they refused to tow the party line.

If you have read this blog to this point, then you have a curious mind and will truly enjoy the video. If you believe in global climate change and have a closed mind this video will only piss you off. However, if you have an open mind it will only serve to provide you with more information in order to form your opinion on the matter.

Very few people have seen this documentary and I imagine that will remain the case. Even here very few will take the time to watch this. So be it. I truly love the Earth and all it offers but I will not be made a fool!

An interesting observation is most of these professors and scientist appear to be at or close to retirement age, so their own careers would probably not suffer. I have noticed this phenomenon amongst other whistle blowers in government and industry.
It is astonishing how few people have viewed this documentary, considering the gravity and investment into the subject.


Uploaded 12/23/2010
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