Global Warming Blah Blah Blah

This is not necessarily intended to be a debate about global warming, but merely some thoughts on the issue.  I could offer up arguments against global warming, but others would offer counter arguments and nothing would get resolved, so that brings me to my point.  Even with all of the available research and data and all of the information that is available nobody been able to prove or disprove anything.

There are those in the field of science who claim global warming is real and we need to be concerned and we need to take steps and save the planet.  While others in the science field claim global warming is a hoax and there is no need to be concerned.  Who are we to believe?  People from both sides of the issue claim they are right and they are experts and need to be believed.  But, there is too much information arguing both sides of the issue for many of us "dumb non scientists" to be able to figure out the truth.

Think about it for a moment.  There are thousands of scientists who claim global warming is a very real threat and "Oh no the polar ice caps are melting and it is only a matter time before Arizona has beach front property."  Then there are thousands of scientists who claim just the opposite. Ok , I know I already said that before, but come on you brilliant, highly educated scientists and much smarter than we ignorant masses, show us proof then agree on it so we in the general public can buy into it and panic properly!  Even if the vast majority of scientists could agree, I still think it would be a hard sell.  I mean there are some scientists out there who are some of the biggest quacks of our time.  Let me give an example: Two physicists Holger Nielson from Denmark and Masao Ninomiya from Japan claim the reason the large Hadron Collider (you know the one that was supposed to destroy the world by making a black hole and sucking the world into it) is not working because it is being sabotaged by the future.  Come on!!!!  How can we be expected to believe global warming is true when there are lunatics such as these two bozos in the world of science making such outlandish claims?  I realize they were not talking about global warming but I have to say they do not add a lot of credibility to science when they blame the future for their current failure.  It was bad enough when they claimed this huge collider would create its own black hole.  Yea, right.

So what does this have to do with believing if global warming is true? Well, if scientists and other experts want the "ignorant masses" to believe then they need to try and put a lid on the loony tunes who are out there giving science a bad name.  I know we shouldnt believe everything we hear, right?  Does that apply to global warming as well?

Ok, forget about the scientific proof for a moment.  Let us take a look at another angle that causes many of us science idiots to doubt global warming; the government.  Yes our good old trustworthy and reliable government.  The president of the United States, John Holdren (science czar), Todd Stern (climate czar), Carol Browner (energy and environmental czar) Cameron Davis (great lakes czar) Great Lakes Czar?  What?  Also let us not forget the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Harry Reid and others in the government who all claim global warming is a very real concern and the government needs to step in.  Oh yea, let us not forget Al Gore.  He alone has me lying awake at night worrying if I can step outside my back door in 10 years and go swim in the Pacific Ocean.  It is not just the rogues gallery of crooked politicians that cast doubt into the empty minds of us "dumb citizens" it is the fact that these characters have the potential to make a lot of money on this whole global warming issue.  If it passes, Cap and Trade will be a huge money maker for the government.  Carbon credit purchasing will make some of our politicians even wealthier and they will not be changing their habits.  Al Gore sure likes to fly around the world in his private jet and we all know how Pelosi likes to have her own jet as well.  Flying on a commercial airline would be so, oh I dont know, so peasant like and beneath their standards.

So, in closing I would like to say that I think global warming is a bunch of horsecrap and no matter what evidence and facts are given, I will never buy into it, and I do not think I am alone in my opinion.  But then what do I know? I am just a 42 year old, dumb street cop who is to "ignorant" to believe in global warming.     



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