Global Warming, Dead or Alive?

I found out just today,  that man made global warming science and models were dead at least by 2006. Only the political push and ideology exists today. That is not to say that the observational science has ended, it still is being monitored and probably will for a long time. However, the idea that global warming is man made, at least from a scientific viewpoint is non conclusive if not completely dead. I now know this after reading an open letter to  Prime Minister Steven Harper from a group of leading scientist.  It was written in 2006. It is amazing how fast time goes by and how little the world  progresses. 

At that time there were only a few hundred leading scientist who said the models were not good predictors of weather. Now thousands of scientists have joined their ranks as they start to see the real reason behind  so called man made global warming and science has very little to do with it.

In a related story, Nobel prize winner for physics in 1973 Dr. Ivar Giaever resigned as a Fellow from the American Physical Society (APS) on September 13, 2011 in disgust over the groups promotion of man-made global warming fears.
Uploaded 09/16/2011
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