Global Warming

Global warming is real, man made global warming is bullshit. I personally believe that man made global warming can actually help us, I live in Kansas and we have terrible winters here. If the Hippies are so worried about polluting the environment then they should stop smoking their weed and driving their hippie vans to hippie fests because weed and vans "emit carbon". The narcotics the hippies are smoking come from Mexico which is under a state of civil war between drug cartels competing to take over the illegal narcotic industry.

Back to climate change, The weather has changed for millions of years, got warmer and cooler, now that the temperature is getting "warmer" it is the human beings fault for climate change according to all hippies and gay Europeans. Those who believe in global warming should come to Kansas, I want to see them wearing shorts and slippers during winter here and then I want to see them say the climate is warming because of us at a higher pace.

From what I understand the environmentalists are pointing out, during the prehistoric times when there was an ice-age, humans started emitting carbon at a faster pace then we could possibly imagine. Neanderthals and homo-sapiens both worked on a joint effort to burn as much wood as possible, farted and emitted methane from their asses, went to the top of mountains and heated the ice which melted and turned into the wonderfull lakes that we have today. Well, maybe all of it is not true, but you get my point.

We will not have petroleum or coal forever but thousands of low income families depend on these jobs for their survival. Try sending in a hybrid M-2 Abrams tank into combat, your enemies will point and laugh. The IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change is coming under constant attack for wrong information. Some of its temperature readers were next to trash incenerator plants, others were located around factories, 1 was located in Singapore and it was hot as hell there but in Europe and the U.S the temperature was freezing cold.

The IPCC reported that the Himalayan mountain glaciers were going to melt by 2035, after this information got leaked they had to revise it saying it was inacurate by 300 years. Al-Gore stated that sea levels were going to rise by 20 feet in the near future, I'm sorry Mr. Jackass but everything seems fine to me and when do you mean by "in the near future" 500-1000 years?


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