go green, fight crime save the world

I've been thinking about how we Americans can help ourselves and poor people in shitty countries. Here are a few ideas:Poor people need food. We have a lot of stray animals wandering the streets in the U.S. Have the homeless round up all the strays and bring them to a slaughterhouse. Once the homeless and strays arrive push them all into a giant deep fryer. Trade the homeless/stray meat to china for some great lead painted toys. Then stockpile the lead toys incase the retards ever rise against us. Fight Crime with Crime. Allow stores like Wal-mart, Belk, and Best Buy to rape shoplifters caught stealing on camera. The raping would be done in the most public place in the store, immediately after the shoplifter is apprehended. If this occurs in a mall, mall security can choose to rape the shoplifter in the food court or in Foot Locker. Candles from Yankee Candle will be shoved under the nose of the criminal (with this anytime they smell scented candles they will be reminded of the shoplifting mall rape).Go Green! Use the fastest retards from the Special Olympics and make them pull us around in wagons. That would cut down on emissions of air pollutants, and save money. Instead of expensive gasoline, just feed the tards a bag of oats and some hay. Fight illegal immigration! Most people just think about Mexicans when illegal immigration comes up. What about the Chinese? How can we deal with them? Simple, allow people to smoke marijuana. The stoners will eat so much at Chinese all-you-can-eat buffets they will go bankrupt. They will either have to go back to the land of china, or be forced into a life of prostitution.until next time....
Uploaded 04/11/2009
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