God cast the dirty bitch down!

Well i've been wanting to blog about this for awhile, it's somewhat personal and humerous. I've been staying with my mom and younger brother now for a little why i prepare on buying a home. Well before the house belonged to my mom it was my mothers boyfriend's mothers. It's a victorian style 4 bedroom home. Well one day out of nowhere my moms boyfriend's mother came to visit, which is odd because that never happens...EVER. Well turns out she needed to stay for awhile why she had a part of her home on lake cumberland down in Tennessee renovated or some b.s. Its been 5 plus months since she first came, and now she is trying to take over my mothers home, things like taking her pictures slowly off the walls, taking up storage space, talking shit about her over the phone, trying to be slick and quiet when everybody can actualy hear her. All kinds of little things that i could go on and on and on about.

First let me give you a mental picture of this woman, close your eyes, and imagine dolly parton, only extremely uglier, nasty hair, (i just shivvered in nastiness) She loves bending over so men see her "ass" which is nasty and she dosen't have one. By the way, she is 62 years old. She thinks she is a fucking goddess with her tobacco stained teeth and nasty skin. Blonde hair dye fading through grey. She puts make-up on for over an hour in the morning so she can go for early morning walks, gets home after the walk and loads another 5 pounds of make-up on to just sit around the house. And then complains about bitch.


So by her actions she must want her old home back......



So what would any normal american do?



No i didn't shoot her.



i didn't rape her (fucking ewwwwww)



I haven't beat her ass yet (yet)


Instead me and my mom have been slowly torturing her, not physicaly, but materialistically. Not to mention making the whole neighborhood hate her guts.


It gets pretty nasty and funny so here it is.... Things like cleaning the toilet with her toothbrush, spitting giant goobers into her coffee, spitting in all her food, watering down her vitamins, putting cat shit in her bed, i've even took it to a hilarious level, rubbing all her possesions on my ass when she leaves, (combs lipstick, toothbrush, some of her personal dishes, her computer keyboard and mouse..ect.)


I Know you eBaumer bastards have many sick twisted ideas of shit to committ.......So im asking, Anyone have any ideas??







Uploaded 10/15/2008
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