God Does Exist! Repost for My New Friend.

The evidence is in and the argument has concluded that God does in fact exist.... Oops wrong story that is global warming.

People who don't believe that a God exists often ask, "where is he, why does he let good people get hurt or why does he allow war?

Well, lets for a moment pretend he did reveal himself on Fox News one night. Glenn Beck would get the exclusive and introduce him. Since we are made in his image he would look like a man probably dressed in an Armani Suit, Italian shoes and a white tie.  Glenn Beck would ask if he could prove he was God and God would do some miracle like make Glenn Beck cry and talk like a girl. But of course people would say, "Glenn Beck has done that before. that's so fake."  Since God has finally revealed himself so that all will now believe in him, he decides to play a big hand, all human disease is eradicated, all cancer, all viral infections, everything gone, clean slate for everyone. Everyone becomes healthy, tip top shape, great teeth and poop only butterflies and raisin bran.

Of course mankind would be grateful and say, "you know I'm starting to think this guy is for real." Others who might still be skeptical, might ask, "I don't know there are still wars going on. If there was really a God he would stop them too." Again God trying to make it abundantly clear he truly exists stops all the wars, dissolves all the guns into Toblerone chocolate bars, turns tanks into unicorns and jet fighter planes into Angels who go around making sure no person ever feels any sadness. 

The modern day scientist would be scrambling to find some sort of explanation for how this "man" made all this possible. In time they would propose hypothesis, work to uncover the reason this "man" could perform these so called miracles and because God did perform them in time the scientist could duplicate them. Only proving that all things are possible when you discover the secrets of the Universe. 

The scientist would point their fingers to God and say, these great works you did do not prove you are God. We too now know how to perform your so called miracles. The people seeing that the scientist have been able to duplicate God's miracles start thinking, he is no God for we mortals can now cure all disease, turn guns into Toblerone chocolate bars and make ourselves into fit healthy specimens with perfect teeth. 

God being pure love is satisfied as he has now bestowed all the knowledge of the Universe onto mankind and can now just fade back into the ether and leave mankind for another two thousand years.

Now mankind is truly blessed they have learned to not war, they have found ways to love one another, they now know what a healthy diet is and how to take care of themselves and avoid disease. The world fills with angels who want to help and encourage others. Beautiful Unicorns adorn our surroundings and over time we forget who has bestowed these great gifts onto us. But God does not feel sorrow or become angry with us, he is content that we are content.

Then with all this knowledge many people decide to engage in heavy smoking, drug abuse, unhealthy eating, drunkenness and lives of debauchery. And why not? We have scientific cures that can make us healthy again. We all engorge ourselves on the fruits of the planet, take it's beauty for granted and start to shit really stinky shit. 

Eventually, mankind through it's own indulgence and selfishness forgets the lessons God has taught us and once again mankind questions the existence of god as they again make guns, tanks, jet aircraft, become diseased, unhealthy and a godless people. 
Uploaded 04/02/2012
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