God i HATE Dumb Drivers!

Im Getting really tired of people not knowing how the drive the right way. and when i say "right way" i definetly mean not like an asshole.

I was driving to get pizza yesterday and there was a ton of traffic on the roads. I had to merge from the right lane to the left lane. While i was merging into the left lane the dude behind me decided he wanted to be a dick and cut me off completely! my two friends that were in my car started screamin saying they wanted me to ram his car. But you know what, im done with getting upset about it. Because you know why, what goes around, comes around. I really believe that now because as soon as this asshole cut me off he sped past two other cars lost control did a complete 360 and got t-boned by oncoming traffic in the intersection. HA! God (or whoever) obviously thinks you need to learn how the drive. Just to think i could have sped after him, and gotten hit myself.

Your probably thinking..well he hurt?

i don't know..nor' do i give two shits. i hope he's flatter than a McDonald's pancake at 9am on a weekday.



**MaLiBu BaRbIe*

Uploaded 06/05/2010
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