God is enough without the doubt

   In no way will I condone a life without faith, but a great part of the faith I follow is that my opinion on matters pertaining to other people is shit.   What I said and what I did used to matter to me in a way that was crippling, disabling my ability to hear other people over the chatter that my boyish mind considered hard, logical facts.   A great many turn against society because their freedoms are restricted by other people trying to tell them what life is and is not about, and those kind of people suffer from the same idiotic self-importance I just described.   Believe this and don't believe that has became the foundation of all religion, robbing God of the ability to influence our lives on a personal level without interference from people.   At what point life started to be a competition of human wills we may never know for sure, but while theories for the past abound, the future is clear and terrifying.   Without God this existence will be rendered completely meaningless, but an atheist would probably tell you different with conviction and gusto.   Let us keep in mind though, that atheism isn't a religion or belief system, it is a LACK of religion, an absence of faith in the existence of a supreme authority responsible for the creation and maintenance of reality.  
   Skepticism concerning science is awesome, because what we do every day is directly related to our knowledge of how the world we live in works and how we may interact with it, but God is not science.   Skepticism concerning philosophy is awesome because why we do the things we do should be directly related to the necessity of an action and it's potential outcome, but God is not philosophy.   Skepticism concerning government is awesome because the necessity to control humanity is made evidently clear by our actions as individuals, yet that same untrustworthy compulsion in all of us is why a good government is one made servile by the people it runs, but God is not government.   A power that is truly infinite, one beyond the confines of human understanding, cannot be judged by the likes of us as self-aware or not, good or evil, and
WILL NOT be denied simply because of anybody's disbelief.  
   I said God is not science, philosophy or government because technically, God is infinite, meaning timeless, here and there, big and small, all and nothing, beyond and within bounds.
   God is a paradox, an individual that can be viewed as everything, unclassifiable by design but that same design would imply that God is easily classified.   The search for truth is a journey we take alone and with everyone else on earth, but it cannot begin until you've an idea of your destination.   I feel liberated by my belief in God, and I know others find the same solace in God every day, but it does no good to see life as a procession of random events leading up to nothing.
   Negative space is meant to be filled, and I see all absences of faith as nothing more than that, a void awaiting fulfillment.   Will you spend your life proving the void is all there is, or will you stop trying and simply exist for a little while, I promise it's absolutely enlightening.
                                                               until my next rant, adieu 
Uploaded 04/26/2011
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