God is Laughing at You

The God fearing people among us like to point out some line from Genesis, "God created mankind in his own image, and in the image of God he created them."  Well, God... as if you didn't already know, (since you are God)... I'm kind of a dick.  So I'm willing to bet that you're kind of a dick too.  As a matter of fact, the world is full of greedy sick fucks, and I am just but a one of them.  So, God, what does that really say about you?


No, really, I'm just kidding.  I don't believe in God.  The idea of an all knowing creator seems far fetched to say the least.  But IF there were such a thing, I would have to believe that this whole human existence thing is all one sick, sick fucking joke.  Like some science fair project God did out of sarcastic spite for his final assignment in 3rd grade, only to be left in a dumpster behind his school to rot away over the course of a particularly hot summer.  Being the clever God he is, he built a maze designed so that us mice could never actually get the cheese.  And even if we were able to, we're just going to suffocate anyway beneath the heaping piles of stifling rotting trash and the unrelenting summer heat.


Every waking moment, day in and day out, we struggle, claw, and muddle through our shit filled existences for what?  Another meal?  Another fuck? Another sleepless night?  Another paycheck?   Another vacation?   Or is it just to simply create another?  If so, then that's the sickest part of this charade called life.  To perpetuate the misery en force, so that at least when you finally die and have to suffer no more, you can be rest assured generations upon generations in your wake will face the same trials and tribulations you did in perpetually increasing numbers until the end of mankind.

Hear that everyone? 

That's the sound of God slapping his knee.

You can get pissed at God, but that's not going to do you any good.  He doesn't care.

Or you can accept it for what it is, and stop going after the stupid fucking cheese. 

Fuck the cheese.

You get one life to live and this one's already fucked up from the get go.

The only way you can win is to truly not care. 

And only then can you laugh at Him.

Uploaded 06/17/2010
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