God is Testing Me.

Just like to extend a prayer to all those poor people in Alabama who lost loved ones and their homes. I want to vent about my week, but feel selfish if I don't mention the people who have it a lot harder than me. Still, compared to the average Joe in my area, this was a trying week and more shit is to come.

I have been rather stressed this last month as work ground to a halt, regardless of my investment in advertising. Then a customer's cheque bounced causing my mortgage payment to fail. Bell Canada and Rogers bill payments are overdue, but thanks to my good history they have been patient. Still have not recovered the funds from the customer, looks like I'll need to go legal eagle on him.

Then the brake line on my van developed a leak as I was driving. I went to use the emergency brakes, of course, they were seized. Was bearing down on the car in front of me, so I rubbed up against the curb to stop me. Tow truck, one hundred bucks and off to the shop. Walked around for four hours to clear my head. Another two hundred bucks to fix the van.

While out doing groceries in a torrential down pour the wipers on my car stop working. Slow drive home with my head stuck out the window. I wear glasses so extra ghetto points.

On the way home from work and my van stops dead in the middle of an intersection. Do the little tow truck dance and out another one hundred dollars. I fix my cars wiper motor, found a short. It works for about two seconds and then the cup link rips apart. Can't get parts for that, need to buy complete wiper transmission for six hundred dollars. Fuck it, I'll use the weekend and machine my own part. Still raining the next day I limp to work in my car between rains. Van repair another two hundred dollars.

Wife calls me, a micro burst removed my homes shingles. My neighbour called her at work crying about it. Purchase fifty by one hundred foot tarp to cover my home as more rain is expected. Radio news cast informs me that complete water service in my area won't be available till August.

I call my helper to come to my home to help me. As he is leaving the job site, rear suspension spring breaks and for laughs and giggles takes out side wall of new tire.
Arrive home and my four boys and I climb on top of the house with full gale blowing,  wrestle the tarp down onto the roof. Last fifteen minutes of work is performed in a torrential down pour with rain flooding over the eaves into my face as I finish securing the tarp.

I finally, take a hot shower, get dressed, grab a cold beer and laugh my head off. Ain't life grand?

Uploaded 04/29/2011
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