God must hate me.

I finally get to watch some football, and what? Florida kills Cincy, the Eagles play El Toro with the shot at a division title and the #2 seed. Even the early Vikings game was a snooze.

God, I hope nobody chokes tonight.

Well, at least I won't have to hear Faith Hill's bullshit opening again for another year. Seriously, what were the producers thinking? The only tolerable part of that blase tripe ("Al and Cris havin' fun on TV"? WTF?) is watching the prime cuts of Hill's thighs jiggle as she taps out to the beat she lip-sychs to.

What is the magic of that part of the thigh? Honestly, vagina doesn't excite me as much as the meaty inner stairway to heaven. Anyway, I digress.

At least when Pink started the SNF theme song, it had an edge to it. Did they say to themselves at NBC, "Hey we had Hank Jr. do the song for MNF (at least that was a redo of a song he wrote and recorded himself, which neither Pink nor Hill can claim) so we'll get someone who would be a footnote in music history if she hadn't conveniently married Tug McGraw's bastard son, and shove her aging redone face down America's throats. They'll love it!"

You wonder why I hold little hope for America? Talent means nothing. Ingenuity is lost. All that is left is one giant rerun of a show nobody really cared for in the first place.


I can only pray Ochocinco does something wacky with Fireman Ed. At least that would be entertaining.

CBear47, Anarchist Messiah.

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