God Spirituality and all that jazz.

To put your foot down and say emphatically " God does not exist" is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. Certainly, a  God, as he is commonly understood to be, an all knowing, all powerful being, could hide his existence from us very easily. The idea that there is a God that cares about the human race or the individuals therein however is a lot tougher to swallow.


Then there is the question of spirituality. We as human beings could have an individual or collective spiritual existence. This is an area of much greater interest to me. Unfortunately I seem to be drifting further away from any spiritual revelations or feelings over the last several years.


With so many people seeking some sort of higher plane of existence you would think some answers would be coming to the fore. Maybe that is it, the evidence that shows us this is indeed just a brief, finite journey. Maybe we're better off this way.A Heaven might end up being full of dickheads, brown-nosers, shysters and thieves just like here on earth. Fading away into the ether may be the truest utopia of all.

Uploaded 12/15/2010
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