God the Church and the People.

Last week I attended a funeral for a friend of the family. The shaky old priest was going on about how Jesus died. Then rose from the dead. So somehow a body that was dead, completely dead, for three days got up and healthfully walked away. Is there a chance he was in a coma? I doubt it. For three days he would have required intravenous to keep him going. So my only conclusion is that this never happened at least not physically perhaps metaphysically or metaphorically. The priest said it with conviction and all around me I could feel the vibe of everyone not buying this old time worn idea.

Personally, I do believe in  God and I think it is time he wrote a new book using stories, philosophies and phraseology that apply to today's world. We are no longer herders of sheep, easily frightened by the idea of demons or believers of miracles. Miracles only happen at the movies and those with a brain know it's make believe. A few people think that shit is fo' real.

There is something motivating and wondrous about images of an all powerful being deciding our fate. There is no such entity or energy. We are the only ones who do that for ourselves and for one another. To be honest I prefer it that way. If God was to be my protector he would have slapped cigarettes from my hand. He would have turned wine into water and made beer low cal and alcohol free. Can you imagine the implications of God controlling the internet. Bye bye porno, bye bye misinformation, bye bye sitting at your computer for hours on end.

Misinformation is an important aspect of media and of human history. Some people legitimately complain about it. What they do not see is how it allows us to decide for ourselves what is the truth. This forces us to use our intellect, to exercise it. Our imaginations must be engaged and creativity oozes from this dichotomy of fact and fiction. 

Misinformation can be used for good and bad, just as the bible and the idea of God has been. Within the bible there is truth and fictions from this source you can decide for yourself what you take from it. To condemn the Bible is similar to condemning  all sources of information. The internet is at least half misinformation, mass media always has two sides to every story. Some people, like myself, put information to test for the truth. Others just accept one side or are happily oblivious. And the hippies stick their heads up their asses.

If God exists I don't need him to decide my every move to keep me from harming myself and others. I know smoking can give me cancer, that's why I quit. I drink more wine then I should and know it's unhealthy, so maybe I'll cut back. Veggies are good for me so I eat lots of them.

Deciding my own fate, knowing what is bad and good is mine and God graciously bows out like a patient parent watching over their struggling children hoping they will find happiness and success through their own means.

This is an example of  how to remove peoples ability to decide their own fate by denying them information. This has now happened in both the United States and now Great Britain.

Every copy of Afghanistan war book bought and pulped by MoD
 The entire print run of a highly critical and embarrassing account of Britain's role in southern Afghanistan has been bought and pulped by the Ministry of Defence at a cost of more than £150,000.

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