Going down, the Old Fashioned Way

This older woman, probably around 60, walks into the store the other day.  She passes the Floral clerk and says "Are you a manager?"  Now, this is not related to the story, but if you are in a store and every employee is wearing the same blue shirt, why do you ask any one of those people at random if they are a manager?

Anyway, the clerk says, "No, I'm in charge of the Floral department, but I'm not a store manager.  Why?"

"Oh, well, I drove through the parking lot, and there's this blue truck parked at the edge..."

(Suddenly concerned) "Yeah, that's mine, what's going on?"

"Oh, nothing with that, but there's a car parked a couple spaces down from it, and there's two people, and she was going down on him."

Imagine the muscular control this clerk exercised when this old woman said "going down", trying not to laugh hysterically.

Well, nothing ever happened with the downward-bound couple, but when the clerk left she called back on her cell phone.  She told the office clerk (who had been spreading the story ever since he heard it) that she didn't know if it was related to the earlier happenings, but there was a used tampon a couple spaces down from her truck.

I am footfknmaster, and I am embarrassed to share my air with some people.

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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