Going to the Movies. Previously Going to Church

Everyday millions of people spill out of their homes. They enter specially designed buildings that keep out the noise and distractions of everyday life. While they are there they pay a fee for entrance to such palatial surroundings. Inside they receive nourishment for their bodies and quench their thirst with outrageous food and drink from grotesque goblets.

Once seated, they listen to their idols spew out ridiculous stories. Their maidens are promiscuous, their men enchanted with super powers. They tell of tales where the righteous shall prevail, stories about love and false promises. Sometimes they even show how man spills his blood for what he believes in and for whom he loves. Other times the sermon might have a comedic side and everyone has a good time.

After the great event. men, women, and children return to their homes to discuss what they have seen and what they have learned. Some adults even get together with other adults to share with others and compare notes.

If the experience was extremely well done, people buy holy artifacts and show them off to other people, so they can see how enlightened they are. Some people even try to emulate their gods by wearing clothes and jewelry that identifies them as such.

Many texts are written about those they worship and those that tell the tales. They follow their everyday lives and learn about what great works they do. They like to visit the beautiful palaces the great ones live in.

But not all is well, some people disgusted with their behavior have started to fall away from the great ones. They see the lies, the perversion, the disguises they put on. Other texts are written exposing these peoples lies and taking pictures of them at their worse. Many people find titillation in the failures of these once iconic stars. Some even knowing of their disgusting lives still try to follow them, with blatant disregard for what is right and wrong.

It is now in the news that one of their leaders has indulged in pedophilia. He is appealing to the highest powers in the land to free him and restore him to his rightful place. What will happen to our great leader Roman Polanski?

Uploaded 05/08/2010
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