Good Art Bad Art

There is no doubt art imitates life. After all, art is formed and admired by living human beings.  The human image is the ultimate art form. Most famous paintings are portraits, some realistic, others more surrealistic. From Mona Lisa to The Scream, people have always found fascination with human features. Even some pornography has incredible artistic value if you can get past your primal desire to touch yourself. I'm sure the question, "Is it art or is it Fap?"  always takes a back seat to your more immediate desires when viewing your favorite pornography.

As in  life art can be good or it can be bad. Almost everything is like that and one person's awesome can be someone's else WTF!

Now, there are those through some sense of entitlement or by virtue of their place in life, think they can create artistic masterpieces. This is quite prominent within sexually confused or sexually promiscuous societies. Homosexuals naturally take to the arts as art has no boundaries and they are accepted regardless of their habits, beliefs and thoughts. This is a good thing, but please, some of the sexually inspired art is complete crap. However, because the artist belongs to some group of snobbery or advanced liberal group they rave about the imagined success of whatever crap they produced. My first video is a prime example of that.

In the second video the real fantastic art created by a man named Ron Mueck is displayed. He manages to capture real human emotion, life and form in his sculptures. In some of them, I can almost see them blinking or breathing, that is how intense his work is.

Compare the two artistic presentations,  the mentally disturbed idiots of Kim Ye's latex and silicone Autoerotic Series  and marvel at the extreme brilliance of  Ron Mueck.

Uploaded 06/25/2011
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