Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Hello eBaumers,
Yesterday I hurt my back stocking shelves trying to make a good impression. I figured I could work as hard as that new girl, but in doing so I hurt my friggin back. So now I took today off and got a massage and a manicure. My message guy does an amazing deep tissue massage that makes me feel so good after. Of course Jeb was mad that I spent $80.00 today. I told him that if he would learn how to do a deep tissue massage then I wouldn't have to go see Julio. Anyhow he really lost it and I think he's in the bar downstairs getting drunk. How dare he spend our money for such a selfish reason. I might need another massage tomorrow if I feel I can't go into work and that slob is just drinking it away. 
Now that I hurt my back I can't do the cleaning that my maid use to do. I e-mailed her and told her what bad shape I'm in and if she'd consider helping me out pre bono just this week. I just got her reply, but I can't read Spanish or Philippinen  or what ever language she speaks. Maybe she should learn proper good English like me?
This could of course be an oman to put me on course for a writing career. I have'nt told Jeb yet I know he'll just say I'm crazy, but I got some crazy ways to convince him. He likes it when I'm convincing. Maybe that's why everytime I say something he says he needs some convincing? Anyhow thanks for reading and keep those ratings coming.

Uploaded 11/28/2012
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