Good Morning Comrades!

Good morning comrades!  Sorry that it has taken me so long to address you all this morning...I am kind of runny slow today! 

So with that said...did anyone else see the story on Fox news about 3 black panther members blocking a entracne to a building in philly trying to intimidate people from going into vote??  Well I did...I do not have the link to put here but of course these black panthers were blocking the building to try and keep white people from even was said by one of the members that there were blocking white point is...they were doing this for Obama...our new U.S.S.A. Leader!

Now what does that say about him that he didn't even have the nerve to hold a news conference to tell the stupid Black Panthers...and some black people, not all black people, to quit acting like children and let people vote!

This is just one of the first steps that the New leader of the New U.S.S.A. is doing to make sure that this world becomes what he wants it to become!  Now what do you think about that?? 

All Hail the New U.S.S.A. (United Socialist States of America)

Uploaded 11/07/2008
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